IV Fluid Bag Warmer: How It Is Used in Emergencies


Medical experts use an IV fluid bag to maintain or increase a patient's body temperature when giving blood or other fluids via intravenous tubing. They need the substance warmer before they administer it to the patient's body. These substances may be in the form of blood, saline solutions or medicine. Pre-warming these elements prior to administering provides additional comfort to the patient and it prevents hypothermia resulting from the introduction of cold fluids.

A portable intravenous device is used to warm drugs or blood used in the transfusion, and they are also employed for medical patients who have already developed hypothermia. Another use of it is in surgery because under this process, the body heat drops due to hemorrhage, cold substances or from exposed body spots to coldness. Hypothermia is likely to occur in people whose temperature has dropped to lower than 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. A substance bag device keeps the body temperature normal, preventing further complications. If hypothermia arises, it must be given attention first prior to any treatment. This is dangerous for a person who needs immediate care.

When is an Intravenous Fluid Device Needed?

The warmer has the capacity to increase the substance temperature up to around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. These tools are attached to intravenous tubing near the infusion spot. Any model which can be attached closer to the infusion spot is more helpful. Substances are pre-warmed before passing the tubing, and they are delivered directly into the person's bloodstream. Some emergency cases need the combination of respirators and warming blankets. Warming devices are the most effective in keeping the patient out of hypothermia. Commonly it is the first choice utilized by medical practitioners in treating patients undergoing surgery or trauma. First aid responders, emergency services, medical staff and the military use heating devices in stabilizing patients while providing necessary treatment.

Specialty services, such as dentistry, home care situations, and cosmetic surgery, employ this device to provide extra comfort for patients. At fast rates, cool liquids can cause a big temperature drop. The onset of low temperature causing hypothermia is prevented by a portable IV fluid bag. By employing this equipment, body heat is maintained while under treatment. Cold blood results in greater chances of shock, cardiac arrest and other dangerous conditions. The IV substance device warms blood prior to transfusion. These same situations happen during the administration of fluids or drugs via intravenous tubing.

This device is not limited to emergency situations but also for the post-surgery needs of patients. Substances are also warmed using heated plates, warm baths, or other advanced techniques. The latest models are more effective, and they are more consistent, convenient to use and portable. Most times, these intravenous bags are battery-operated, allowing medical staff to work easily even in remote areas. They are employed by emergency technicians, hospitals, first aid volunteers and military. The IV fluid bag is beneficial in any emergency medical scenario.

Medical patients undergoing medical procedure or getting blood transfusions need IV devices. The portable ones warm intravenous fluid prior to entering the body.


Source by Joe LoPiccolo